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I’m the Manager Content at Yoast. I’ve got a passion for creating easy to understand content about difficult topics. Besides that, I love improving and structuring existing content to make sure users will find what they’re looking for.

You can find Willemien on: Linkedin

I started as Content Manager at Yoast in 2015. In 2017, I became the SEO blog team lead and spend most of my time creating publication schedules, coordinating our writers, and writing articles myself. In 2020 I became responsible for the content of yoast.com as a whole.

Before I started at Yoast I worked in communication and publishing at various companies. Amongst others, I led the launch of international websites for the European and Australian market at a large US medical company.

I live together with my husband Alain, our toddler Quinn, our dog Simbra and 3 chickens in Wijchen. I love music, eating out with friends, cooking home-grown vegetables, and spending time outside running and horseback riding.

Help, I’ve accidentally noindexed a post. What to do?

It can happen to anyone: You’re working on your site, fiddling on some posts here and there, and hit update when you’re done. After a while, you check back on how a post is doing and, to your dismay, it disappeared completely from the search engines! It turns out you’ve accidentally set a post or […]

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accidentally noindex post

Yoast SEO 12.5.1: Patch release for time-offset issue

21 November 2019 | 2 Comments | Willemien Hallebeek

Today, we’re releasing Yoast SEO 12.5.1. It contains a patch to make sure the publication date of your posts is picked up correctly by Google, so the right time will be shown in the search results. Currently, the time shown in the results might differ from the actual publication time, depending on the time zone […]

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patch release yoast seo 12.5.1

5 SEO copywriting mistakes you should avoid

20 November 2019 | 11 Comments | Willemien Hallebeek

Copywriting is a crucial element of every SEO strategy. High-quality content is what helps you rank and sets your site apart from all the other sites out there. So, you’ll want to do SEO copywriting the right way. Preferably without making any fatal mistakes. Want to know what not to do when you’re writing SEO […]

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don't make these seo copywriting mistakes

Holistic SEO: Improve every aspect of your website

11 September 2019 | 4 Comments | Willemien Hallebeek

At Yoast, we try to combat the notion that SEO is just a trick. While tricks might get you ranked quickly, they usually don’t work in the long run, and they might even backfire. Permanently ranking well in Google demands an extensive SEO strategy focused on every aspect of your website; the technical stuff, the […]

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Yoast SEO’s hidden features that secretly level up our SEO

If you use Yoast SEO on your website, you’re probably familiar with features like the SEO analysis or the snippet preview. You might even know that you can easily link to related posts or create redirects in the premium version of the plugin. But there’s (much) more. For instance, the Yoast SEO plugin has so-called […]

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What are long-tail keywords?

13 December 2018 | 7 Comments | Willemien Hallebeek

“If you want your posts to rank, you should write about long-tail keywords”. You’ve probably seen this common SEO advice before. But what do we mean by long-tail keywords? And why should you write about them? Here, we’ll explain what long-tail keywords are and how they can help you rank. Including examples! What are long-tail keywords? […]

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