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I’m the Manager Content at Yoast. I’ve got a passion for creating easy to understand content about difficult topics. Besides that, I love improving and structuring existing content to make sure users will find what they’re looking for.

You can find Willemien on: Linkedin

I started as Content Manager at Yoast in 2015. In 2017, I became the SEO blog team lead and spend most of my time creating publication schedules, coordinating our writers, and writing articles myself. In 2020 I became responsible for the content of yoast.com as a whole.

Before I started at Yoast I worked in communication and publishing at various companies. Amongst others, I led the launch of international websites for the European and Australian market at a large US medical company.

I live together with my husband Alain, our toddler Quinn, our dog Simbra and 3 chickens in Wijchen. I love music, eating out with friends, cooking home-grown vegetables, and spending time outside running and horseback riding.

Making the web better: an interview with Joost & Omar

August 1 is World Wide Web Day. On this date, back in 1989, the world wide web was born at the CERN lab in Switzerland. Something that started as a way to share knowledge between scientists, has grown out to something none of us can imagine life without. And because the web is such an […]

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What is a landing page? And how does it work?

As simple as they sound, landing pages might be a confusing topic for site owners. What qualifies as a landing page and what doesn’t? Is every page you land on a landing page? What about Landing Pages in Google analytics? And, can you optimize them for conversion and search engines? Let’s dive in! What is […]

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landing page in digital marketing

Parent and child pages: Linking hierarchical post types for SEO

When we talk about site structure on WordPress we often focus on blogs post: “Use taxonomies and link to related posts!” But you probably have hierarchical post types on your site too. An example of a hierarchical post type is the Page post type; a page can have parent, child, and sibling pages. Inherently, these […]

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parent child page hierarchy wordpress

What are sponsored, nofollow and ugc links, and why use them?

Links are an important part of SEO. Without links, Google (or other search engines) may not discover your pages, or might not think that they’re important. Sometimes, though, you might want Google not to follow a link. Or you might want to tell them a particular is sponsored, or added to your page by a […]

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10 years of Yoast and SEO: Webinar recap

Last Friday, May 29th, Yoast celebrated its 10th anniversary, and we invited everyone to join us! And what better way to celebrate than with an awesome, interactive webinar? We had multiple talks, Q&As, live site reviews, all with loads of SEO tips, insights and practical advice. Of course, we understand that not everyone could join […]

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Yoast 10 years

Audience research: pro tips to get started by Els Aerts

Proper audience research is key in maintaining and growing your customer base. So, how do you go about doing this research and how do you make sure you ask your audience the right questions? We asked expert Els Aerts, partner at AGConsult, to walk us through the process and give us a few tips on […]

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4 tips to quickly improve your website in the current situation

Everything is happening online, now that the situation with COVID-19 has everyone staying at home as much as possible. You’re not going to events, you’re not sitting down with customers. So, your online presence is more important than ever. Your website is your business card. And you want it to be found! But many people […]

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Quickly improve your website

A brief history of Google’s algorithm updates

These days, the way we do SEO is somewhat different from how things were done ca. 10 years ago. There’s one important reason for that: search engines have been continuously improving their algorithms to give searchers the best possible results. Over the last decade, Google, as the leading search engine, introduced several major updates, and […]

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