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Wessel van den Berg

As a Communication & Media Design student at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch, I joined Yoast during my internship of five months. After this, I had the privilege to stay with Yoast. I also live 2 minutes away from Yoast, so I have all my needs, outside of my study, around the corner.

In my study I mainly learn conceptual thinking, within all design directions, call it; searching for solutions. Think of analytical and creative thinking, creating customer journeys and creating user experiences.
This fits in perfectly with my work at Yoast, where I work as an UX Designer, UX stands for user experience and as mentioned earlier, this is a big part of my study.

During my internship period, it turned out that Yoast and I fit together very well. In this period I made the Yoast Design System in which all components within the Yoast components were established to speed up the design process and to strengthen consistency. Strengthening consistency is an important part of my work at the moment, to alleviate all the work of the designers and developers within Yoast. Out there, I work on other design issues that occur within Yoast and I do this with great pleasure!