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Siobhan Gremmen-Cunningham

For as long as I can remember we’ve had computers at home. We also had access to the Internet pretty early so that was that. I went online and never went offline as I was enticed by a world of possibilities. Any form of digital communication piques my interest.

I’ve tried every social medium that came up over the years, which has actually proven to be pretty educational and not just a waste of time (looking at you, mom and dad). I’ve not only learnt the basics of HTML and CSS while scouring the net, I’ve also gotten to know the various social networks. So flash-forward to today: being a social media specialist at Yoast.

I have degrees in Communication & Multimedia Design and Communication Science. Besides my interest in new media I’ve always enjoyed writing, which lead to a masters programme in Journalism & New Media. I feel these studies make for a great combination of theory and practice, which is exactly what working at Yoast means! I love the variation in work, from live-tweeting events to brainstorming on marketing ideas to researching and writing blog posts.

When I’m not at Yoast HQ, you’ll probably find me out and about in Nijmegen, my hometown. I have a beautiful house where I live with my boyfriend and the best dog ever. Besides taking walks with those two, I enjoy going out (or staying in) for drinks and fun with my friends. I love trying new recipes and if I find the time, I like to relax with a book or practice some writing.

I’m looking forward to being out and about for Yoast as well, so meet you at a WordCamp?