Roderick Mulder

My name is Roderick Mulder. I’m 27 years old and currently living in Wijchen. At Yoast I’m the financial controller. Back in the days, I studied business economics.

After that I started as a finance consultant, working on several projects in different companies. After doing that for 3 years, I missed the bonding with colleagues and the company itself. I learned quite a lot, but it was also a good time to move on. Thereafter I worked as a junior business controller. The company I worked for, is specialized in the maintenance of safety of aircraft. Very interesting and I learned a lot there. Then I saw this amazing job @ Yoast. There is a lot to learn for me but it is also a great opportunity to improve and develop the company with a great team.

Besides work I like to sport. Fitness, jogging, football and tennis are all sports which I love to do. My girlfriend, friends and family are also very important to me.