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Remkus is Manager Partnerships and WordPress Community Liason at Yoast. He co-founded and lead WordCamp Europe and WordCamp Netherlands. During more than a dozen years he's spoken at many WordCamps and WordPress Meetup groups as well as mentoring upcoming WordCamps.

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Before joining Yoast in early 2017, I was running a small WordPress Agency for 13 years. During those years, but especially since 2008, I’ve been very active in the WordPress Community both here in the Netherlands as well as abroad. I’ve co-founded  WordCamp Netherlands back in 2009 and have been the team-lead half a dozen times.

Additionally, I co-founded WordCamp Europe back in 2012 and (co)lead the first two editions in Leiden (2013) and Sofia (2014) and have been part of the WCEU organization ever since. I’ve also been acting as the admin for the Dutch WordPress site, as well as been the global team lead for the Polyglots team.
So, you could say I have a love for WordPress as software as well as the larger WordPress Project and for which it stands: democratizing the internet. This is why I love working at Yoast as our motto “SEO for Everyone” extends on that greatly.

At Yoast, I’m Manager of Partnerships and WordPress Community Liason. My volunteer work, as mentioned above, is now donated by Yoast to the WordPress Project. Over the years I’ve spoken at many WordCamps and have assisted getting WordPress Meetup groups from the ground and mentored upcoming WordCamps. This means I can give back to the Community as much as I can and help make the WordPress Community grow.

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my family, doing lots of reading, watching documentaries, and going to car events.

BuddyPress 5.0, WP 5.3 Beta 2 and translating WordPress 5.3

7 October 2019 | Remkus de Vries

The work on WordPress 5.3 continued in various areas last week and we also saw a big update to one of my favorite social tools for WordPress. Alongside some bonus links, I present you this week’s WordPress Watch! BuddyPress 5.0 If you’ve never heard of BuddyPress, it’s a plugin that adds a very feature-rich set […]

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How to use WordPress: Answering 12 common WordPress questions

26 September 2019 | 2 Comments | Remkus de Vries

WordPress is huge. According to the latest stats, WordPress powers almost 35% of the web — and growing quickly. With so many sites using the CMS and so many new sites bursting onto the scene, there’re a lot of new users taking their first steps in the wonderful world of WordPress. People from all walks […]

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WordPress SEO: The definitive guide

Three new features in Gutenberg 6.5 and more on WordPress 5.3

23 September 2019 | 13 Comments | Remkus de Vries

The work on the next versions of WordPress and Gutenberg is moving along nicely, which is why today’s WordPress Watch focuses on those two projects. But, there’s more going on in the world of WordPress besides those two projects. So, get ready for a few bonus links again! Hope you enjoy. New features in Gutenberg […]

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WordPress Watch

Gutenberg block editor improvements, and integrating plugins

16 September 2019 | Remkus de Vries

Today’s WordPress Watch has a strong focus on the Gutenberg block editor. Two different tweets prompted me to focus on what you can do with the editor a bit more. We’ll discuss improvements to the editor, as well as useful plugins that integrate with the block editor, so I hope you enjoy this edition. Don’t […]

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WordPress Watch

Content areas in Gutenberg, Twenty Twenty update and Elementor integration

9 September 2019 | 3 Comments | Remkus de Vries

It’s Monday, time for a fresh WordPress Watch. We’ve got more news on Twenty Twenty in WordPress 5.3 and there’s an update on what’s going to be the next big focus of the Gutenberg project. There’s also exciting news about the integration of two different solutions. Let’s get to it! Twenty Twenty! Last week it […]

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Gutenberg 6.4, WP Local Environment and WP Notify progress

2 September 2019 | 6 Comments | Remkus de Vries

Lots of noteworthy news from WordPress land over the last week. Gutenberg is back on our radar with a new version. I’ll also highlight a new project that’s underway that aims to find a better solution for all those notifications in your WordPress Dashboard. And, there are bonus links. Of course! Let’s dive straight in! […]

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WordPress Watch

WordPress 5.3, Block Lab, and Members Block Permission add-on

26 August 2019 | 4 Comments | Remkus de Vries

A new week, a new WordPress Watch. We saw work for WordPress 5.3 getting properly underway. There was also news about some exciting integrations built to for the Block Editor. And, of course, we have a few bonus links for you as well again today. Let’s see what happened this week in the world of […]

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WooCommerce 3.7 and Gutenberg 6.3 updates

19 August 2019 | 9 Comments | Remkus de Vries

The past week was all about two big plugins releasing important updates. Both WooCommerce and Gutenberg got significant improvements. Gutenberg saw another accessibility improvement and WooCommerce now has even more integration with, well, Gutenberg 😄. Let’s dive in and see what’s what! WooCommerce introduces more Block Editor integration WooCommerce 3.7 was released last week and […]

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