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Patrick Costa

Originally a native of Ohio, I graduated with an education degree from Bowling Green State University and moved to Virginia. I taught for a decade as a classroom educator and somewhere along the line picked up another degree in political science from Virginia Tech.

As a teacher, I discovered WordPress as it is an easy platform to host my lessons. Using Yoast on my site allowed me to reach a much broader audience than just my students. I then began to teach myself basic coding skills and soon I was picking up clients and other teachers who wanted work done on their websites. When a position opened-up at Yoast for a support engineer, I knew I had to apply.

At Yoast, I enjoy demystifying SEO and helping our customers resolve tricky technical support issues. In my off time, I watch Cleveland sports, participate in historical reenactments, and try to learn more about the people, cultures, and places that make up the world I live in.