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Monique Verbeet

Having worked for more than 20 years, I’ve had quite a few different kind of jobs. First, I started working as an executive secretary at a big commercial company and my second job, still as an executive secretary, was at the Chamber of Commerce. After a few years, I moved on, became business consultant and started advising startup entrepreneurs. And, of course, always talking about entrepreneurship, I ended up starting my own business.

Having a husband with his own company as well, two beautiful teenage children and loving a lot of other activities, made me decide to stop my business. At around the same time, I saw a job opening at Yoast.

As an executive secretary for the Yoast board, it’s my job to support all board members as good as possible. At the same time, it’s great to be part of the Yoast team in this fast-growing company and such a young and dynamic working environment.

In my spare time, I like running, bootcamp, reading a book with a cup of tea and having dinner or drinks with friends.