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Martijn van Eeghem

It all started with a Fiscal Economics study at the University of Maastricht, where, after getting my bachelor's degree, I also did a master's in Fiscal Law and, in the end, finished a master's in Social Economics. I then moved to Nijmegen and finished an educational master's program to become a high school economics teacher. At the end of that year, a good friend pointed me towards a job opening at Yoast.

At Yoast, I’m part of both the Support team and the Academy team. As the former, I’m mainly responsible for the support of our Academy courses. As the latter, I’m co-creating the courses and mainly focus on the exercises that are included in each course. The great thing about this double role within the company is that I am still in touch with our customers and students, which was also my favorite part of teaching in high school.

In my spare time, I love to build with Lego, play online games, or do several sports. I’m a big fan of bouldering, running, and, most of all, obstacle course racing.