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Marijn Koopman

My love for creating something beautiful and my fascination for technology brought me back to web design in 2018. I always strive to improve and love to be surrounded by people with that same mindset, so that's what brought me to Yoast. A company that's permanently moving forward and reinventing itself brings that great creative passion and energy.

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As the Product Owner of the Components and Duplicate Plugin squads I usually spend most of my time on improving our awesome Plugin. Realising myself that millions of people will see and hopefully enjoy my work feels strange and lovely at the same time. Hopefully my work will not only bring myself joy, but will also be enjoyed by lots of users and visitors!

My fascination for technology isn’t strictly digital though. At home I also love to entertain myself with mechanical or carpentry projects for instance. But to be honest my tinkering time is quite limited as I love lots of other things as well, like sports for instance. For quite some years I have been a pretty fast speed skater, also learning other skaters to improve. Besides the ice I also like to run, cycle, swim, sail, climb, etc. How lovely that the Yoast Office is within cycling distance from my home in Nijmegen :-)