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Jono is our Head of SEO, and part of our leadership team. He's a digital strategist, marketing technologist, and full stack developer. He's into technical SEO, emerging technologies, and brand strategy.

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I have a background in web development, digital marketing, and technical SEO. I’m a ‘digital native’ and driven to improve the web.

Over the years I’ve worked with startups, agencies, tool vendors, and some of the world’s biggest brands to fix websites, implement growth strategies, prepare for the future, and win markets. At Yoast, I make decisions that influence the SEO of millions of websites, across multiple platforms. But only after I’ve had plenty of coffee.

I’m happiest when knee-deep in PHP, on stage, or reading a good book. My favourite things are web developmentfuturologyWordPressscience-fiction, and gin.

What is Google Search Console?

23 January 2019 | 16 Comments | Jono Alderson

Google Search Console (or ‘GSC’ for short) lets webmasters monitor and manage their websites through an official portal, which is full of useful statistics. To have access to tools and data provided directly by the search engines can make optimizing your website much easier! But what is it, exactly? It’s a communication channel Search Console accounts […]

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What is Google Search Console?

A better, faster approach to CSS in WordPress themes

10 January 2019 | 20 Comments | Jono Alderson

In our ongoing quest to make yoast.com lightning fast, we’ve reached a bottleneck when it comes to optimising our CSS. The ways in which WordPress themes manage, handle and output stylesheets just aren’t good enough. Technology has changed, the web has evolved, and the tools we have are out of date. We think we can come […]

Read: "A better, faster approach to CSS in WordPress themes"
A better, faster approach to CSS in WordPress themes

Jono reviews: Cats Protection

19 September 2018 | 14 Comments | Jono Alderson

It seems that SEO experts are, more often than not, “cat people”. That’s why the first website which I’m looking at in this series belongs to the Cats Protection charity – a UK organization dedicated to feline welfare. I’m going to explore their website and see where they have issues, errors, and opportunities with their technical SEO. Hopefully, […]

Read: "Jono reviews: Cats Protection"
Jono reviews: Cats Protection

Advanced Technical SEO: How social image sharing works and how to optimize your og:image tags

30 April 2018 | 15 Comments | Jono Alderson

Optimizing how your content looks when it’s shared on third-party platforms like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp can drive improved visibility, clickthrough, and conversions. But it’s not as simple as just picking a great social image and adding it to your page… When you share a URL on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms, they’ll typically show […]

Read: "Advanced Technical SEO: How social image sharing works and how to optimize your og:image tags"
Advanced Technical SEO: How social image sharing works and how to optimize your og:image tags

Jono likes to talk about SEO, technical SEO, site speed and WordPress.

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    Technical SEO

    Jono was a guest on The Torque Social Hour - a weekly livestream about WordPress news, events, and life. They talk about how Jono uses AMP to create super fast websites.

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    Hear all about Jono's unique insights into doing SEO on WordPress, how SEOs are more like janitors than rock stars, and a little bit about Jono’s impressive sci-fi book list.

  • Interview: Tips to speed up your website

    Site speed

    Jono shared practical tips to speed up your website with Philipp Schoeffmann at Affiliate World Europe 2019 in Barcelona.