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I’m Jesse van de Hulsbeek and I’m the Yoast Academy lead. This means I get to coordinate and set up the didactic professionalization of the Academy, as well as develop new courses.

You can find Jesse on: Twitter

I really enjoy working with all the talented people at Yoast. There’s a common drive, thoughtfulness and camaraderie that is very fruitful for working creatively and effectively. It’s incredibly exciting to be able to create a new concept, perfect it by putting it up for discussion, and then have it fully designed and implemented in no time at all. The thought I keep coming back to is that I feel like a fish in the water and a kid in a candy store at the same time. I never expected candy stores for fish to exist, but here I am.

My interests are certainly not limited to Yoast, though. I recently built a home studio in which I record and produce mostly rock music. I am also a basketball and science podcast junkie. I love to cycle the 15 km I need to cover to get to work. Still, all my interests pale in comparison to the enjoyment I get out of having my baby daughter Myra standing on my lap laughing at some weird accent I’m doing with my girlfriend Maartje gently rolling her eyes at the silliness of the scene.

“Yoast SEO hates my writing style!”

This is just one of the many misconceptions about the Yoast SEO readability feedback we’re happy to set straight. We’ve often been telling you to go chase those green bullets – or green lights as some are calling them. The bullets are a key part of the Yoast SEO plugin. The Yoast SEO bullets serve to […]

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yoast seo hates my writing style

All-new and improved: the SEO copywriting training!

As of today, you can get your hands on a completely overhauled version of the SEO copywriting training. We’re very proud to present a much more hands-on training, which will really take you by the hand, and guide you through every step of writing an SEO-friendly blog post. It’s chock-full of real-life examples and practical […]

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Yoast Academy: Teach yourself SEO

18 September 2018 | 10 Comments | Jesse van de Hulsbeek

It’s a common misconception that the internet is the ultimate learning environment. Yes, you can find everything you need, for free, but the information you end up with is not always trustworthy. It’s scattered, often outdated and sometimes contradictory. So if you want to learn all about a particular subject, you might be better off […]

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Yoast Academy

Four ways you could benefit from a Yoast SEO training certification

3 September 2018 | 4 Comments | Jesse van de Hulsbeek

Once you finish a Yoast Academy SEO training course, you get a shiny certificate of completion and a badge you can embed on your site or share on social media. In this way, you can let everyone know about your newly acquired SEO expertise. Awesome! But how useful is SEO training certification, really? Does it […]

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Basic SEO training / SEO for beginners: What’s the difference?

Yesterday, Yoast Academy released a new and improved Basic SEO course. But wait, didn’t Yoast release a free SEO for beginners course just a couple of months ago? Yes, we did. So what’s the difference? Doesn’t the SEO for beginners training also cover the basics? Why should you pay for access to the Basic SEO […]

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New Basic SEO training

Creating SEO courses at Yoast – Interview by LearnDash

In November 2017, Yoast Academy took a big leap forward. Switching to a different Learning Management system, called LearnDash, was a key factor in this. Leading up to the release of our free SEO for beginners course, Justin from LearnDash and I decided to take twenty minutes to really dive into the Academy and discuss the […]

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Yoast Academy

  • Hoe houd je je online publiek betrokken?


    Of je gebruikers nu je pagina’s lezen, je product gebruiken, of door je website navigeren: er is één gouden regel. Wat je maakt moet helder en begrijpelijk zijn voor je publiek. Dit klinkt simpel, maar blijkt in de praktijk verrassend lastig. Gebruikers worden afgeleid. Haken af op moeilijke woorden of vakjargon. Raken gefrustreerd door functionaliteiten die niet intuïtief zijn. En geven het op. Vaak heeft dit te maken met de manier waarop mensen omgaan met nieuwe informatie.

    In deze presentatie laat ik zien hoe we leren en informatie verwerken, zodat jij het gat tussen jou en je gebruikers kunt dichten. We bekijken wat wij bij Yoast hebben gedaan om onze producten duidelijker en bruikbaarder te maken. En je krijgt veel praktische tips die je meteen op je eigen site of product kunt toepassen.