Jesse van de Hulsbeek

I’m Jesse van de Hulsbeek and I’m the Yoast Academy lead. This means I get to coordinate and set up the didactic professionalization of the Academy, as well as develop new courses.

I really enjoy working with all the talented people at Yoast. There’s a common drive, thoughtfulness and camaraderie that is very fruitful for working creatively and effectively. It’s incredibly exciting to be able to create a new concept, perfect it by putting it up for discussion, and then have it fully designed and implemented in no time at all. The thought I keep coming back to is that I feel like a fish in the water and a kid in a candy store at the same time. I never expected candy stores for fish to exist, but here I am.

My interests are certainly not limited to Yoast, though. I recently built a home studio in which I record and produce mostly rock music. I am also a basketball and science podcast junkie. I love to cycle the 15 km I need to cover to get to work. Still, all my interests pale in comparison to the enjoyment I get out of having my baby daughter Myra standing on my lap laughing at some weird accent I’m doing with my girlfriend Maartje gently rolling her eyes at the silliness of the scene.

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