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Harm Winnemuller

I'm a 20 year old student from Wijchen, The Netherlands, living about one kilometer away from the Yoast offices. I'm studying Communication and Multimedia Design at the Avans University of Applied sciences in Den Bosch, about 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) away from Wijchen, Yoast’s hometown. This study primarily focusses on Conceptual thinking and Design (User experience, Customer journey, etc..), but also includes Film and Photography, Front-end development and Graphical design.

While a job as a UX-designer would perfectly fit, my job title is Web Developer. This is because Yoast doesn’t look at your educational background, but at your qualities as a person. I ended up at Yoast trying to find a web development internship without any developing experience. After a short interview Joost gave me the chance to become a developer.

Half a year later I had build my own plugin and gained experience in PHP, Javascript, React, WordPress and overall SEO. After my internship, Yoast offered me a job and I took it gratefully. I still have to go to school for some time, but I work here when I am not at school. I keep on learning a lot from the other developers and, of course, we’re having a lot of fun!