Hanneke Beers

Hi there! My name is Hanneke and I'm here to support the Social Media "team" as Social Media Assistent. I like my coffee as strong as possible and I like mint thee or something with herbs and spices (especially the ones that no one can pronounce). I sometimes even call myself a teasnob, because I only like weird and complex kind of teas: Even though I also carry ordinary green tea and camomile in my collection. Before I got accepted for my job at Yoast, I even thought about becoming a tea-sommelier. But oh well, now I'm working for a super cool company where we get an amazing lunch everyday.

Enough about tea, let’s talk education. In 2016 I got my Bachelor of communications, which was mainly focused on event, music and entertainment. During this study, I mainly focused on theme parks, but I also picked up some gaming knowledge here and there. In my second year I applied for the Disney International College Program for my internship. I worked at Walt Disney World for 6 months as an entertainer and was enrolled in the Creativity & Innovation course. I like rollercoasters.

After I graduated, I worked as an entertainer at Tivoli in Berg en Dal. I hosted shows for the kids and made sure that every parent had to scrub their kids face after the visit. I figured that red paint is pretty hard to get off your face, so that was my favorite. After this, I started as a salesperson at a furniture and lifestyle store and finally I ended up doing some of the administration and placing products on the website… Or something like that.

And now, I work here at Yoast. What a company, what a team. I already met a lot of you at YoastCon, some I got to know more than others. But if you bump into me in the hallways: Don’t be a stranger. I like to talk about tea. And rollercoasters. And food.

C ya!