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Hanneke Beers

Hi there! My name is Hanneke and I work at Yoast as a Junior content marketeer as part of the social media team. I like my coffee as strong as possible and I like tea. A lot.

In 2016 I got my Bachelor of communications, which was mainly focused on event, music, and entertainment. During this study, I mainly focused on theme parks, but I also picked up some gaming knowledge here and there. In my second year, I applied for the Disney International College Program for my internship. I worked at Walt Disney World for 6 months as an entertainer and was enrolled in the Creativity & Innovation course. So if Yoast ever decides to open up a theme park or indoor playground, I’ll be the first in line to apply as an Imagineer to make it a reality!

In my free time I love to write, cook, do special fx makeup, play boardgames, en play videogames. And of course, visiting themeparks!

If you ever bump into me at some event: Don’t be a stranger. I like to talk about tea. And rollercoasters. And food.