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Dushanthi Piek

In 2016 I finished my master International Business Communication with a thesis for which I did a LEGO building experiment. When I handed in the box of LEGO afterwards, I never expected it to be a big part of my daily life again.

While writing my thesis, I intended to look for a job in the NGO sector, but I was offered a dynamic job as a community manager and business strategist at a social media company. This adventure ended when I went over for a coffee at Yoast and I fell in love with the company.

The open source minded thinking and prioritizing knowledge sharing over making money aligned with my ambitious intentions to leave this world at least slightly better than I found it. I’m the marketing manager at Yoast, where I’m surrounded by awesome LEGO and great colleagues. I thoroughly enjoy finding out what’s going on in every department and looking for information that is meaningful for the marketing of the company. Bringing departments together and finding out what stories we can tell is what I love to do.

Besides work, I’m an arial acrobatics teacher and I try to volunteer and meet new people as much as time allows me. But I also enjoy staring at the water from the balcony of the riverside apartment I share with my boyfriend and best buddy Florian, with whom I love to explore new cuisines.