Christina Arntz

“Christina is a Social Media enthusiast and -native. Instagram is not her living room, but her office. She’s obsessed with Online Marketing, her Puggle (that’s a dog!) Gandhi and exploring this planet.”

“While I firmly believe, that dogs are better humans, I also really like humans and working for and with them which is probably why Community Management and Social Media kind of naturally crossed my path.
During my studies which I did in Cologne, Germany and Barcelona, Spain, I did an internship at a then start-up learning a lot about Social Media Marketing since most of that company’s income was actually generated by working with Influencers and Social Media. I was amazed by “the power of Instagram” and actually managed to gain 15.000 (organic) followers within a few months. That not only got me more interested in that field, but also showed me that it might be something, I am really good at.
Later during my studies I started working for WDR, which is the largest German television and radio broadcaster. When I decided to leave my student job there, it didn’t take a week until I got an offer to freelance for a new national TV show – as a Social Media Manager.
That kind of made me realize that I could actually pursue my dream of being self-employed as a Social Media Manager and Consultant – and not long after that, I went to my first WordCamp where I met the crew of Yoast – who are now colleagues.
At Yoast I’m focussing on Social Media strategy which means that I’m constantly analyzing the status quo on our Socials, gathering ideas on how we can improve overall performance and engagement – and then implementing those with the team.”