Caroline Geven

I started messing around with HTML and CSS when I was 12 years old and Geocities was still cool. Although I spent a big part of my childhood building websites, when I went to college I initially started studying Journalism. During the second year of my major, though, I realized that my passion was not in Journalism but ICT. I switched majors and started studying Computer Science. I graduated in 2013 and got a job as a Software Developer. In September 2014 I joined Yoast and am currently technical product specialist.

I enjoy spending most of my leisure time with the love of my life, who I married in September 2014, and my son, who was born in 2016. My husband and I have a mutual passion for Star Wars and Walt Disney and hope to pass this on to our son.

Aside from that, I’m a big fan of any kind of books and I love to write fiction. When I’m not at home or spending time with my family, I can either be found at the local theatre group or in the library, hidden behind my laptop.

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