A4U RoadShow Amsterdam

Upcoming March 4th there will be an A4U Roadshow event in Amsterdam. A great place to meet and network with the A4U crew, and other people interested in online and especially affiliate marketing!

Registration is free, so register now! I’ll be there, so let me know in the comments when you’re coming too and we can meet up!

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4 Responses

  1. dianneBy dianne on 7 February, 2009

    very nice and informative site.. i had a great time reading some of your post.. keep it up and hope to read more great stories ahead.

    • JohnBy John on 23 July, 2009

      Think about what they do for project, and marketing a product is a good tool to promote this, more power, goodluck to the team who joined the project…

  2. Joris Toonders | YonegoBy Joris Toonders | Yonego on 7 February, 2009

    A4Uexpo will be a great event. Will be there @ A4U Roadshow Amsterdam!

  3. just GuidoBy just Guido on 9 February, 2009

    Might pop over for the roadshow, most likely will be attending the actual expo.